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The people at CAPITAL public affairs focus on content communication when it really counts. We are not involved in the area of marketing communication and design. The partners will be happy to put you in touch with agencies that are good at it. If desired, we can also take charge of the Dutch management of the realization.

Are you looking for a team of lawyers, accountants, business experts to redress an issue? Here too, we would be happy to help you put together your team for the Dutch market.



Lobbying strategy and supervision of implementation

Our philosophy is to enable you in the way that you represent your own interests. This works more convincingly in practice. We prepare you for who you should contact, when the time is appropriate and we ensure in the preparation that you will not be surprised. We also ensure that – if necessary – your lobbying activities are embedded in a (social) media strategy. And if you don’t have the time or prefer to stay in the background. Then we ensure that the contacts are being managed for you.

Fee structure:

  • Formulating strategy, fixed price in advance
  • Execution, hourly rate, no further commitments

Strategic communications advice

What use is it if a lawsuit is won, but clients leave en masse? Or that the media get unfortunate sentences from your annual statements or other documents? How does a speech land in the political The Hague? We like to look over your shoulder with you. To prevent undesired side-effects and to use the opportunities. We take care of tunnel vision and being inward-looking. We are familiar with financial texts and instruments.

Fee structure:

  • Hourly rate, no further commitments

Monitoring developments in the Dutch market

We provide a clipping service to suit your needs. Not too much and not too little. In addition, we follow the developments that the media have not yet reached. And those developments that never reach the media, but are important for making decisions in your business operations.

Fee structure:

  • Retainerfee

Second opinion

Do you have a difficult situation and cannot solve it? Are you not completely convinced of the advice you are given? Or do you wish that before you go out, external eyes look again at the matter? In a simple set-up we would be happy to do this for you. For example, at a working lunch or a meeting. In the socratic method we put things in order together with you. And would you rather have a written report? That takes more time, but we will gladly arrange it for you.

Fee structure:

  • Hourly rate

Putting together teams for the Dutch market

We like to keep our focus in our work and only do the things we excel in. We like to work together with other professionals. This can be with people in your own team or with other professionals hired by you. We have a large network and are happy to help you to make suggestions for a strong team for the Dutch market, which can also operate internationally.

Fee structure:

  • Hourly rate, no fixed obligations. We have made no agreements and do not work with kickback fees.


Ideally, every activity starts with a stakeholder analysis. Who does matter directly or indirectly? We also look at the stakeholders of the stakeholders. Who can influence civil servants, journalists, politicians and others in the political-administrative domain? If necessary, we first focus on these parties.

Fee structure:

  • Fixed price in advance
  • Fieldwork hourly rate, no commitments

Pressoffice, including social media

We take care of everything relating to media communication. We speak and write easily, but with expertise and substance. This service is also important for companies and institutions with a communication department that is mainly focused on customer and employee communication. We are happy to take care of the communication to other stakeholders, if you wish, in close cooperation with your people.

Fee structure:

  • Spokesmanship, hourly rate, no further obligations
  • Press release, fixed prices in advance


We concentrate on text that really matters. On speeches, press releases, introductory notes and summaries and annual reports. Texts that are at the crossroads of financial, legal and administrative matters. Customized for every audience. We take care of the linguistic and cultural translations of international communication content.

Fee structure:

  • Hourly rate or price in advance


Most of our clients have already followed one or more media training courses. We don’t do that again. However, we do prepare our clients for public appearances, whether it is in the Lower House, a meeting with civil servants, or with journalists. We discuss everything with you well and thoroughly and make you well prepared. And do you want to rehearse things on camera? Then we will provide you with a trainer who suits you best.

Fee structure:

  • Fixed price in advance per part of the day


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