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CAPITAL public affairs is a Dutch independent, strategic consultancy firm focused on the financial industry. We bridge the gap between public affairs, influencing policy, public relations, influencing the public, and management consulting, influencing commercial strategy. We create competitive advantage through public policy, advocacy and communication.

The partners have extensive experience in politics, government agencies such as the Ministry of Finance, and internationally operating financial institutions. Every organization has issues.  But CAPITAL public affairs ensures that solving your issues becomes a priority to governmental institutions and their policy makers.

We navigate you through The Hague

CAPITAL public affairs works from The Hague, the political and administrative centre of the Netherlands and has short lines of communication with relevant parties in the financial sector. Experience and knowledge from the financial sector is necessary in the development of legislation and regulations. With whom, where and when it is needed to have influence in order to achieve the intended result, we analyse and realise on the basis of extensive experience and a large network. The business lobby is large and influential in The Hague. Part of our strategy is to put your issue high on the agenda of your lobby organization.


Issues with Dutch regulators

The reporting of an (impending) warning or sanction from a regulator, or a settlement with the Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie) does more damage than the sanction itself. This also holds for news coverage of a possible loss of a licence or the rejection of members of the supervisory board by the regulatory authorities. Reputational damage can be enormous. CAPITAL public affairs helps you to minimize the impact on your organization by defining your story specifically for each stakeholder. It is often much better to be the first to tell the story.


Litigation communications

Disputes between organizations can severely damage your reputation. By accompanying this process – from emergence to settlement or trial – with specialized Litigation PR, your company could significantly reduce this damage. CAPITAL public affairs supports organizations and their legal representatives with communications in situations of conflict. In these situations, a comprehensive overview of all stakeholders is of utmost importance, as governmental institutions are also usually involved. Litigation PR requires an innovative cross-boundary approach. Due to new legislation, (international) conflicts will increasingly be disputed under Dutch law in the foreseeable future.

Media Relations & Spokesperson’s Service

CAPITAL public affairs focuses on organisations that occasionally, whether or not they want it, attract the media’s attention. But not enough to keep a permanent spokesperson busy. Often the communications department of these organisations is oriented towards customers, prospects and employees. This service, offered by CAPITAL public affairs, is also ideal for non-Dutch financial institutions that wish to execute their media policies in the Netherlands under the corporate media strategy.

Stakeholder analysis

How politicians and administrators in The Hague, external supervisors and other stakeholders think about an item, company or sector is important for an adequate approach and the representation of interests. A stakeholder analysis forms an indispensable basis. CAPITAL Public Affairs will discuss the approach with you. In highly confidential cases, we work exclusively with public sources and knowledge we have already acquired. If desired, a more specific analysis is carried out by means of a targeted approach to key figures.


Mergers & Acquisitions

In mergers and acquisitions, communication, insight into politics and governance and a good relationship with regulators are essential. Laws and regulations and their interpretation by supervisory authorities can form undesirable obstacles to mergers and acquisitions. At the right time, addressing the right people with good information can make a merger or takeover succeed. CAPITAL public affairs can help you to do this with a thorough analysis of the content and the environment and a large network.

We understand your business

You will have direct contact with the partners, who all have a great deal of experience on both sides. First and foremost in your industry, but also in politics and ministries. We understand the processes and interests on both sides, we can build bridges and, if necessary, we can spark a debate. We don’t work with juniors. You don’t have to explain everything and you won’t be bothered by irritations.

Our services

These are the services we provide:

  1. Lobbying strategy and supervision of implementation
  2. Stakeholder analysis
  3. Strategic communication advice
  4. Press office, including social media
  5. Monitoring developments in the Dutch market
  6. Copywriting
  7. Media training
  8. Second opinion
  9. Putting together teams for the Dutch market


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